What legal agreements is the reseller asked to sign?

Resellers are required to fill out and sign a one page Stampecreator Pro machine agreement.

This agreement stipulates:

  • Sterling Marking Products Inc. retains ownership of the equipment and software
  • No alterations or modifications can be made to equipment
  • Sterling Marking Products Inc. will maintain and service the SC2000 Stampcreator Pro machine
  • Resellers are entitled to continue using the Sc2000 Stampcreator Pro machine as long as $1000/yr in purchases are met
Does a reseller need to re-sign the agreement on a regular basis?

No, just one time to set up the initial program.
Is there a minimum resellers must meet to keep the Stampcreator Pro machine?

Use of the equipment can continue as long as there is a minimum of $1000 yearly purchases of mounts and accessories. Sterling Marking Products Inc. has the right to review machine use and remove it if minimum sales are not met.


Who maintains the Stampcreator Pro machine?

All maitenance and service for the SC2000 Stampcreator Pro machine will be provided by Sterling, provided the location stated on the agreement continues to purchase all stamp mounts and accessories for the SC2000 Stampcreator Pro machine exclusively from Sterling. Software is exempt at the discretion of Sterling Marking Products Inc..
When should the ribbon cassette be changed?

One cassette holds 150 draft sheets. One draft sheet is required per stamp. Replace once empty.
How long is the bulb good for?

The bulb is good for 2500 flashes.
Do labels come with stamp mounts?

Yes, each box of 6 stamp mounts come with labels.


What marketing materials are available?

Reseller are eligible for the following:

  • Catalogues
  • Counter display for stamps
  • Stamp/namebadge sample case
  • Invoice stuffers
  • Email blast artwork
  • In-store posters
  • Editable PDF order form
  • Size charts

Note: All products and materials will appear with a Mark Maker logo.


What kind of discount does a reseller receive?

All stamp mounts are sold as net. Resellers who order stamp mounts with a value over $500 receive a 20% discount. Orders over $1000 receive a 25% discount.
Do resellers have to follow retail pricing?

We provide a suggested retail pricing order form, however,  resellers are able to set pricing at their own discretion.


How does a reseller place an order? Is there a minimum amount?

Resellers can call in, email, or fax to place an order. Minimum $15.00 per order. Stamp mounts can only be purchased in boxes of 6 of a single colour.
How does shipping work?

We will ship as specified on your order or by the best way. Shipping charges will be added to your invoice. On request or when required, we will ship collect or C.O.D. A handling charge will be applied on a per shipment basis.

Can single Prostamp mounts be bought?

No, stamp mounts come in boxes of 6 of a single colour. Colours cannot be mixed within boxes.
Are drop shipments available?

Drop shipments are available to any destination, but charged at standard shipping rates. If all your orders are drop shipped to your client we can set up generic packaging slips to be included with each shipment.
Orders over $800

Orders that are over $800 net receive free ground shipping.


What technical support do resellers receive?

Click for common technical support questions.

If your technical issues cannot be resolved via the technical support link, you can always call or email Sterling for further assistance.


What are the stipulations on returns?

Stamp mounts can be returned in the original, unopened boxes, but will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Stampcreator Pro machine return: If you decide that you no longer want to use the Stampcreator Pro machine it must be returned to Sterling Marking Products.  Please contact us to discuss the best way to return the machine.