With our Stampcreator Pro machine you can now create stamps in store in a matter of minutes. The entire process is 3 steps and is as easy as printing a simple text document. Faster turn-around time makes for better customer experience and increases impulse buys. Also, did you know that our stamps can print gradients? This means better detail than traditional stamps, and a greater range of creative possibilities.

A few benefits of  the Stampcreator Pro machine:

green-checkmarkAllows you to create stamps on-site (increases impulse buys and improves customer service)
green-checkmarkEarn up to 60% margin based on suggested retail prices
green-checkmarkIncrease customer traffic
green-checkmarkPre-inked, refillable and fast drying
green-checkmarkMore than 150 different pre-formatted designs
green-checkmarkQuality stamps (up to 50,000 stamp impressions)
green-checkmarkPerfect for text, signatures and other graphics
green-checkmarkProstamps can produce gradients (great for photo images and logos)

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green-checkmark *1 FREE Stampcreator Pro Machine                                                                       green-checkmark*1 FREE Stampcreator Pro Machine

green-checkmark 24 black 1438 stamp mounts (3/8″ x 1-3/8″)                                                            green-checkmark 4 dozen stamps (any size, any colour)
green-checkmark 24 black 1850 stamp mounts (9/16 x 1-13/16″)                                                       green-checkmark Minimum value of $675 before tax
green-checkmark Draft set to create 150 stamps                                                                                 green-checkmark Draft set to create 150 stamps
green-checkmark Free machine maintenance and in-store display                                                      green-checkmark Free machine maintenance and in-store display

* Offer is restricted to first-time buyers who order the introductory package of stamp mounts. Sterling Marking Products Inc. will supply, maintain ownership, maintenance and service of one SC-2000 Stampcreator Pro machine in your location, as per the Stampcreator Pro machine agreement

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